If you grew up in (or before) the 90’s, you’re familiar with the thrill of peering through the little slits of your letterbox, in the anticipation of finding a personalized note inside. (And if you didn’t.. No, opening an email or hearing the ‘ping’ of a notification isn’t nearly as exciting!) Today, it’s almost impossible to imagine that ‘posting’ ever meant anything more than a few clicks, that it once involved the purchase of specially prescribed stationery, a handwritten message and a trip to the post office. Despite this transformation, though, one can’t help but wonder- how much has the meaning of communication truly changed?

Although the digital age offers a plethora of quick, cool and convenient networking channels, there’s an unmistakable, delightful quality about the good old postcard- It’s from someone who’s eager to share a thought with you, it’s a slice of an aspirational experience, it has travelled across the world with the sole purpose of landing at your doorstep, and despite its visual appeal, it’s the significance of the message it carries that makes it special!

In many ways, our approach to brand building draws from this personalized form of storytelling, for even though brand communication continues to evolve with the times, it essentially still is about insightful interaction. While it makes sense to avail the luxury that digital tools afford, a brand must also be able to strike a chord with its audience, demonstrate a point of view and engage in pertinent conversations that cut through background noise.

So here’s to rediscovering some old-world charm, to borrowing from a not-so-bygone era. The definition of ‘post’ may have changed over the years, but the relevance of a meaningful message remains timeless.

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